YOUTH   |  6th - 12th


3rd through 8th graders come together each Wednesday during the school year from 4:30-5:00pm with Kayla Noble and big voices. We’d love to hear you make a joyous noise! 

CONFIRMISSION ~ 6:15pm worship followed by a student/parent meeting 7:00 - 7:45pm
Confirmission is Confirmation, with a mission! What’s the mission? Well it’s pretty simple. Our mission is to journey with families as together home and congregation seek to fulfill the promises made to our kids in Baptism to help them know their God and grow in faith for life. Our goal isn’t simply to teach them doctrine that they can recite back to us or give them a bunch of hoops to jump through in order to fulfill requirements to receive a certificate. Our goal is to help young people encounter their faith, grow their Faith Circles, uncover their gifts, the joy of service to others and to prepare them so that come Confirmation day, they are eager and ready to launch their adult faith which is simply the next step in Faith for Life! 

Confirmission at Calvary is a family ministry where parents and students and other family members are invited to participate and grow together!  Confirmission runs most Wednesdays September 13 through April 25. The night begins with worship at 6pm and is followed with 45 minutes of family confirmission.

This ministry is guided by four faith formation goals:

1)      Worship is at the heart of who we are as Christians!  Let’s worship!

2)      Parents and other primary care givers have the biggest impact on faith formation in children.  Bigger than pastors, or youth directors!  Let’s provide space for parents to engage!

3)      Intergenerational connectedness is critical to faith growth.  Some would say faith is caught more than it’s taught.  Our children need to be surrounded by faithful adults beyond their parents who can share in the highs and lows of this lifelong faith journey!  Let’s get connected across the generations! We call them Faith Circles.

4)      Faith practices till the soil of our lives and help prepare us to recognize the many ways God shows up in our lives every day.  At Calvary we’ve named these practices: worship, pray, learn, give and serve!  Let’s engage faith practices together!

In short, when together as the church community and home we engage in faith practices with our children and youth, faith has a way of catching for life! You will see that Confirmission is created to engage all of these goals in order to reach our ultimate goal….. Faith for Life!!!

Parents are asked to attend with their child. If schedules, work or other family member’s needs prevent a parent from participating we ask that you invite a Faith Circle member or other caring adults to attend with your child. Contact for more details. 


LEAPP FROGs! (Leading, Evangelizing And Playfully, Praising, while Fully, Relying On God!)  /  6th - 12th Graders
Here at Calvary we believe that people of all ages are uniquely gifted for leadership in the church! You may have heard someone say, “Youth are the future of the church.” We don’t believe that! Instead, we believe that young people are the church right NOW! LEAPP FROGs is a ministry opportunity for young people to build community with people of all ages, learn about their unique gifts, develop leadership skills and grow in faith as disciples!

Throughout the year, LEAPP FROGs will meet from 12-2pm on the third Sunday of the month to train and plan. During these trainings, 6th-12th grade youth learn and develop leadership and discipleship skills. Students are trained in everything from facilitating games, crafts, Bible studies, skits, and worship, to the very practical instruction in safety, first aid, and CPR. Attention is also given to personal faith development, child development, classroom management, creative engagement, communication with parents, and speaking in public. These skills are then applied to leadership opportunities such as planning and leading day camps, and teaching through ministries such as the after school program, Sunday mornings and Milestones.

Students track their training and leadership hours so that they can be applied to things like Honor Society, job and college applications and references.  At times, participation stipends are available and can be applied to summer trips or camps through the church. These stipends are based on the number of hours students participate and track.

Leadership is something that is transferable to all areas of life. Over the years, LEAPP FROG participants have reported how they feel their experience helped prepare them for college and jobs.  Students have also received college scholarships and grants based on this formational leadership training. Most importantly, students who participate in these opportunities grow in their own faith which helps them stay on a life-long faith journey that doesn’t end when they leave the nest! Contact for more information.


National Youth Gathering 9th - 12th Graders
Registration for the National Youth Gathering is closed. Next Summer students who have completed 9-12 grade are eligible to attend the National Youth Gathering in Houston Texas, June 24-July 3 2018. Besides taking in the Youth Gathering we will do some fun activities along the way and stop off at the ocean before heading to Houston! We will also be staying in hotels on the way there and back! Yay!

Total trip cost is not yet determined but is estimated to be similar to past years. ($1,000-$1,200) We will do the Shares fundraiser again as well which significantly decreases out of pocket costs. In past years 2/3 of costs have been covered. Scholarships are available. Click HERE to download the National Youth Gathering Brochure.  


Jr. High Trip
Information coming October 15th.