Global Outreach


Imagine transforming barren land into fertile farm plots, helping families grow more nutritious foods, and empowering women to be agents of change in a culture that has traditionally suppressed them. What an opportunity! Along with Lutheran World Relief and 10 other ELCA congregations, Calvary is launching a project where all these imaginings can become realities. Bihar, India is one of the poorest places on earth. In this area of India, there are 76 villages and approximately 20,000 people. The average income of the families before they start working with LWR is about $50-70 a year, but after the training and help from LWR, it is about $300-400 per year. LWR has found it important to train women in these areas because research shows when women are put in charge economically, there is at least a 50% increase on family productivity. Children are sent to school, they have access to health care services, and basic needs are met.

Our congregation can end hunger for thousands of people in Bihar, India. By providing necessary support, training, and education, Calvary will empower people to feed their families and improve their incomes. Participating families have gone from having only 4-6 months of food a year to having year-round food security. They have increased their income an average of 30 percent, and many women have joined the farmers association.

MISSION WORK DAYS - October 20-25, 2017
At the Mission Work Days in October, we pack school bags for Lutheran World Relief; these go to areas of need all over the world. Your generosity in donating the following items is greatly appreciated. Each kit contains the following: 4-70 count spiral notebooks; 1 blunt scissors; 1-12 inch ruler; 1 pencil sharpener; 5 unsharpened #2 pencils w/erasers; 5 ball point pens (not gel ink); 1-16 or 24 count crayons. Items can be placed in the plastic tub labeled “Missions” in the coat area. Contact Mary Oberg 320 846-2010 with any questions.

Each year the women of Calvary assemble with loving care over 500 quilts! On Calvary Mission Work Days, over 1300 of various health kits, layettes and school kits are assembled for children around the world. See and hear about the journey those quilts and kits make to our brothers and sisters in need around the world.