It is our intent to make your wedding at Calvary Lutheran Church an event that is sacred, significant and filled with joy. By having a ceremony in the church, you are declaring to the world that God is an active part of your love for and commitment to each other. As you anticipate your wedding day, we hope to help you prepare for your life together, to encourage you in Christ-like love for each other and the world, and to serve as an agent of the state as a civil function.

If you are interested in celebrating your wedding ceremony at Calvary, please contact the church office. We know you likely have many questions concerning celebrating your wedding at Calvary. To help answer some of your questions and guide you to your wedding day, we have created a wedding handbook available by clicking the link below.

God's peace and joy,

Pastor Hans

Wedding Handbook

If you have questions, please contact our Wedding Coordinator, Sandy Buckner (320) 491-1598.