Resources On Anti-Racism

How the church comes together to respond to the racism issue in our world is so important. A generation is watching. If we hope to demonstrate the Gospel to the next generation then ought we “love our neighbors” in a radical way?

In order for that to happen it will take hard work and a lasting commitment to understand each other.
It will be uncomfortable.
It might be confusing.
It can cause frustration.
It may be hard for us to accept, for example, that Calvary is part of the whitest denomination in the United States (that doesn’t happen by accident).

If you call yourself a Christian it’s important to remember: Empathy only happens when we press pause on our own preferences and opinions long enough to listen to someone else.

So what would it look like to do that?
What if we suspend . . .
our bias
our judgments
our opinions
. . . long enough to experience how others feel. 

This is such an important moment in history for all of us to learn from Black leaders about how they need us to confront white supremacy and racism. If we do, we can show a generation how to be the church by how we love and understand each other.