now is the time whiteIn 1885 a small group of recent immigrants wanted to make sure that the story of God’s love was told throughout this community. They said, “Now is the time!” and pooled their meager resources to purchase Calvary’s first church building, called Svea. Again in 1910, Calvary said, “Now is the time!” and again built a brand-new church building to make room for that growing congregation. And, believe it or not, again in both 1954 and 1982, Calvary said, “Now is the time!” and modernized our church, built a new sanctuary, education wing, elevator and offices to better serve our community. 

Again and again, throughout Calvary’s history, the people of Calvary have recognized the need to expand, modernize and build in order to ensure something they believed to be absolutely critical: That Calvary provided a space where all are welcome and invited to hear the story of God’s love for them! Friends, we again wonder: Is God inviting us to say one more time: “Now is the time!”?  

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We can't wait for our next round of listening sessions in November! More info to come!

We are proud to be working with local firm JLG Architects to help conceptualize the building project.