4 Wells in 40 Days


You took our fundraising goal of 4 wells in 40 days and blew it out of the water! Thanks to your generosity, our partners in Ghana, West Africa will now have access to safe drinking water. Calvary has raised $29,568 for over 6 wells! 

 Our goal for this lent was to raise funds for 4 wells in 40 days for our brothers and sisters in Ghana, West Africa. 

The sad reality is that 73% of Ghanaians don't have access to clean and safe water. During the dry season, rain is scarce. The dry season usually lasts from November to April, but is has been even longer throughout the past 10 years due to climate change. The average walk to water is 3.7 miles during the dry season. 

A new well in a village in Ghana makes a big impact.

  • It allows for clean food and cooking water that is free from parasites.
  • It allows more frequent bathing and hand washing, which also prevents parasites. 
  • It enables girls to go to school. They are typically the ones in the villages who have to walk to get the water twice a day. 
  • It reduces the poverty cycle.  

The wells that are donated will be surveyed, drilled and built by Ghanaians. They will be guaranteed for 10 years. Each well will be placed in a remote village for the biggest impact on a community. 

Each well costs $4500. 

A huge THANK YOU for your consideration in being apart of this mission of 4 wells in 40 days. No financial commitment is too small. 


"For I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink." - Matthew 25:35