Baptism is, first and foremost, a promise from God — that no matter what ups and downs you face in life, God will be with you through it all.

Baptism is one milestone in a lifelong journey of faith that acknowledges faith was never meant to be practiced alone. During the baptism service, we name and celebrate God's promises, as well as the promise of support from families, friends, sponsors, and the church.

At Calvary, we baptize people of all ages! Whether you are requesting a baptism for yourself or your child, we are honored to accompany your family on this faith journey.

Most baptisms are held on the 2nd Sundays of each month at Calvary, immediately following the Sunday 10:30a modern worship service (specific dates listed below). During the summer months, we hold the monthly baptisms outdoors at Luther Crest Bible Camp, following Calvary at the Lake 10:30a worship.

If you have schedule questions, select the "request other date not listed" option from the registration link below, or contact Katie Dahl, Director of Engagement (320-763-5178).


January 21 • february 11 • march 10 • april 14 • may 5 • june 9 • july 14 • august 11 • august 18 (special lake immersion baptism) • september 15 • october 13 • november 10 • december 8