Calvary in Ghana

We are so grateful for your prayers for us and our mission partner GlobeServe Ministry. Read below about updates from our time in Ghana during June of 2022. 

God is doing great things through our partners at GlobeServe Ministries West Africa. Your gifts help us train, support and lodge the next generation of vocational students in a village in northern Ghana. 


JUNE 20, 2022 

Hello! Welcome and thank you for being part of our Ghana team prayer partners. We are so grateful for your praying for us and our mission partner GlobeServe Ministry.  I'm so glad to tell you we have arrived safely in Ghana. Our team left Calvary and headed to the airport where we met up with Jim, Judy, and Gary. As we checked in the man behind the counter Asad exclaimed his excitement as he found out we were heading to Ghana. We found out he is from Tamale where we will visit on Wednesday.  It was a fun way to start our trip.

With only a few delays we made it to Accra this afternoon. All our luggage arrived but fior a while we thought Bruce's didn’t, the baggage claim stopped and we thought we were out of luck. Yet, after a couple minutes it turned back on and here came Bruce's bags! As we made our way out of the airport we met up with Uncle Ed (who came early) and our gracious guides Pearl and Judi. We are in a bus headed to Ho, Ghana where we will rest well tonight after all our travel. Currently we are working our way through traffic and experiencing all the sites and sounds of Ghana.Tomorrow we will start by spending the day at the GlobeServe preparatory school in Adidome. It will be fun and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

In Acts 1, Jesus asks his discipes to "be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." To witness what God is doing and share that story. That's why we are here.  To both witness God's work in Ghana and to share God's work through our words and actions. Thanks for praying for us and being a witness to this work as well. We certainly feel it and are grateful.  We can't wait to see what God is up to!

Kindly, Angie, Bruce, Uncle Ed, Heather, Gary, Papa Jim, Judy, Shirley, and Macy

JUNE 21, 2022 

Hello Prayer Partners! Thank you for your prayers, we certainly feel them. Today was wonderful! We started our day waking up to the beautiful mountains of Ho, Ghana. We stayed overnight at Hope Village, a hotel built specifically for short term missionaries. All slept well after our extensive travels. We enjoyed breakfast together, eggs, bread, bananas, and mango. Following breakfast we gathered for our devotion time and Papa Jim led us to reflect on Philippians 4:6-7. Reminding us that through whatever happens in our lives and days that God has got us. 

Soon after we loaded into our bus and headed to a preparatory school in Adidome. This school was started by GlobeServe over 20 years ago and now has over 400 students. Children receive a subsidized private education with religious studies. The school has preschool through 9th grade students, including some students who board. We were welcomed by the principal Margaret. Our group was excited and a little nervous as we entered into our first classroom. We brought with some supplies to make cross necklaces with the kids. Experienced in classroom settings, right away Heather and Shirley began teaching. The kids were so proud of their accomplishments. We split into pairs and went to each class to complete the craft and get to know students and teachers. 

As our time went by Angie played some Frisbee with kids, Macy hosted dance parties, Papa Jim and Mama Juju read books, Bruce and Uncle Ed represented Calvary well and passed out suckers, Heather and Gary helped preschoolers with their necklaces. Shirley led students in the Hokey Pokey. We had so much joy, it was hard to leave. In just a short time we had become attached to these sweet kids. It's really humbling when you see amazement and laughter over a few beads, some bubbles or a fist bump. The smiles, the beauty, the joy left us amazed at what God can do with a few hours. As we left we all agreed that it was an amazing experience and opportunity. It was easily everyone's highlight of the day. 

After leaving 
we headed to visit a Kinte Cloth factory. This ancient art of weaving is mesmerizing and beautiful.  From there we headed to the GlobeServe farm. This farm initially started to generate income for the quickly expanding ministry of GlobeServe,  it continues to support the ministry today. As we visited we saw how they manufacture palm oil, harvested mango and oranges, and grew chickens and bunnies. They take these goods to stores and markets and the income generated supports the work of the church. 

Next we headed to a lovely dinner and reflected on the joy of the day.  Of smiling children, the care of our group for each other, the things we've never seen before. We ate at Sky Plus restaurant which overlooked the beautiful city of Ho. It was again striking to see God's creation here in Ghana. Tonight we go to bed with full humble hearts.

Tomorrow we will be traveling from Ho to Tamale, which includes a bus and a plane ride. Please pray for safe travels for us. 

Sending our love from Ghana,
Angie, Shirley, Bruce, Macy, Jim, Judy, Ed, Heather, and Gary
P.S. please forgive any spelling errors, this is all done on a cell phone :)

JUNE 22, 2022 

Hello Prayer Partners,

Thank you again for your prayers!  Today was a travel day for our team as we made it up north. Bruce began our day with a wonderful devotion from 1 Kings 19. It was a reflection on how Elijah was worried and concerned that he was all alone in his work for the Lord, but God reminded him there were others doing the work too, including Elisha who would succeed him. Bruce reminded us that we are not alone in this work, not just our team working together as a team, but we are working for the good of the world along with our partners here in Ghana. God never leaves us to do God's work alone. How reassuring for all of us!

We left Ho this morning and began an adventurous bus ride to Accra to catch a flight to Tamale. This three hour ride led us past cities, to sweetbread from a street vendor, over the Volta river, to Baboons that Angie threw bananas to, to a side of the road fabric purchase, and hugs from an old friend. Next we headed to the domestic side of the Accra airport (it's much different from the international side) we boarded Africa World Airlines to head to Tamale, a 45 minute flight. We were all smiles as we headed out to the tarmac to climb the ladder to the plane. We arrived in Tamale (a very small airport) and collected our bags to realize one was missing. Thank goodness it was Gary's that was missing, he's a world-traveler and happy to roll with it (it'll be here early tomorrow morning). We met the founders of Globeserve today, Sam and Jonhild Dunya. Sam is originally from Ghana, Jonhild from the Faroe Islands. They have been serving Ghana for 26 years together. 

We made it to our hotel and enjoyed dinner with the Dunyas. Tomorrow we will be heading to the Carrie Mueller Vocational School. It's a school named after Angie's grandma, Ed's mom, and Jim's mother-in-law. This school teaches sewing, business skills, Bible, soap making and more to young girls in an area of Ghana that has little opportunities for women to advance independently. We lave early tomorrow to head to graduation at the Vocational school. We are so excited.

For today: please pray for the young women graduating tomorrow, that God will use their education to lift up them and their families out of poverty, pray for us as we go to share encouragement and joy with them. Pray for the young women still in school as they continue their education. 

Sending our love from Ghana,
Angie, Shirley, Bruce, Macy, Jim, Judy, Ed, Heather, and Gary
P.S. please forgive any spelling errors, this is all done on a cell phone :)

JUNE 23, 2022 

Hello Prayer Partners,

What a wonderful day!  Today started out early here in Tamale! I'm pleased to tell you Gary got his bag. :) As we loaded onto the bus Shirley blessed us with a great devotion and reflection on Proverbs 17:22 "A merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries bones." and Romans 13:10 "Love does no harm to a neighbor: Therefore Love is the fulfillment of the law." It was a beautiful way to start our day together. We were joined this morning with young adult missionaries from Bethany Global University, these six students are interning here for 15 months as part of their studies. Their youth and enthusiasm was great. We took off on the drive to the village of Bonbong. Bonbong is home to 6,000 people in the village and 20,000 in the surrounding community, and home to the Carrie Mueller Vocational School.

As we arrived at the school we were greeted by a large amount of people, kindness, and beauty wherever we went. Today 14 girls graduated from their program after three years of intense studies. These girls dressed in the most beautiful dresses that they made as a final project. We were blessed to greet them, to pass out their diplomas, Jim gave a reflection on who Carrie Mueller was, Angie got to preach a little gospel. We danced, we sweat (it was a really hot day), we smiled with joy. The chief, Wumbe Dawuni, of the village was at the graduation, he gave a speech talking about how if you want to change a village for the better, the way to do it is to educate the women. He spoke of the ripple effect women's education has because they seek to further educate their children and their lives are improved. To be even a small part of this ripple effect is humbling. To witness it was awesome. God is working in this village through generosity, through love, through education. It was a powerful day.

Following the graduation the girls were eager to show us their final projects that they made, dresses for all ages, pants, placemats, and baby clothes. Then we were invited to the chief's palace, a rare invitation to get. As we walked in the chief sat on his throne surrounded by three elders. There is a formality in meeting a chief, we were welcomed and he invited us to ask questions. He taught us how village hierarchy worked, what he saw as the strengths of his village and areas he'd like to see more focus on (education). He was gracious and kind. It was a one of a kind experience. Attached is a photo of us with the chief.

After that we headed to the Tamale Art Market to get the chance to pick some things up for our family and friends. You should have seen Shirley and Heather bargaining. :) Tomorrow we head to a village of the Mamprusi. This is farther north in Ghana in Walewale. We are excited for our next adventure. 

Please pray for the graduates of the vocational school, for the community of Bonbong, for chief Dawuni, for our travel leaders Judi and Pearl, for our group as we go to another village tomorrow. 

Thank you all so much, your support and prayers mean the world to us. 

Sending our love from Ghana,
Gary, Heather, Ed, Judy, Jim, Bruce, Shirley, Macy, and Angie
P.S. please forgive any spelling errors, this is all done on a cell phone :)

JUNE 24, 2022 

Hello Prayer Partners,

Today was incredible.  We started our day with a wonderful devotion by Gary. He led us to reflect on Proverbs 4:22, Mark 7: 20-21, and Mark 12:29-31. We talked about our hearts and having all things today flowing through it.  To let God lead us in remarkable ways.... and guess what... God did.

As we entered into Sagadugu we were greeted by Pastor Jacob. He led us to meet the chief. The fact that we have now been welcomed into now two chiefs palaces is truly remarkable. We went into his palace and met with the elders. We asked permission to do work in his community.  He gave us his blessing. As we met with the community we were welcomed to drums and dancing. Bruce, Heather, Judy, Shirley, and Macy joined in the fun! They have some moves! We laughed and danced in universal language of the joy of being together.  When it was time we sat down for introductions.  Angie preached a message of why we are here about how God has sent us here because God cares about them. Uncle Ed led the children to another area to begin distribution of dewormer. 

There were so many kids. We worked hard to open the dewormer bottles fast enough to give to the kids. It was organized chaos. Gary, Shirley, Heather, Macy, Bruce, Ed, and Angie worked to give kids their medicine and a Calvary sucker to wash it down. Most of the kids have worms. These parasites effect how they are able to digest food and their nutrition is stolen from them. This leaves them malnourished and their bellies distended. They get worms from infected water. The dewormer clears the body from these parasites.  Overall we were able to give out 455 viles to the children.  That's 455 kids, who got rid of their worms today. 455 kids who get to receive nutrients.  455 kids who got to hear about and experience Jesus love. 

For the adults we offered dewormer too. They recieved this and then heard a talk from Papa Jim on Malaria. Last year alone Malaria killed 400,000 people in Ghana. Mostly children.  We explained where it comes from, how its transmitted,  and how to prevent it. It concluded with a skit where Heather played a part where she died from a mosquito bite. The crowd laughed and understood the concept. We distributed mosquito nets that were provided by Calvary at Christmas time. Over 220 nets were given to households. Thank you Calvary for your generosity.  220 families will sleep protected tonight. 

When we finished distribution of nets ans dewormer we presented the community leaders with soccerballs to enjoy together. Next, we marched with drums to a nearby well that GlobeServe just had drilled and completed.  A generous donor provided this well, in USD it costs about $4,000 to give a community clean water. We dedicated this well and the community rejoiced. The gift of a well means a number of things: 1. Clean water to drink. This prevents kids from getting worms from bad water.  2. Water security.  The community is not dependent on the weather to fill rivers ans tributaries to have drinking/cooking/cleaning water. 3. Girls get educated.  It's the cultural responsibility for girls to collect water. If the water source is far away the girls will not be able to receive an education,  instead they walk up to 10 miles twice a day to get water.  A well is the source of much rejoicing. 

After the well was dedicated and we thanked God, and we were invited to see the chief again. We were given the gift of a goat to thank us. This is an act of extreme generosity. As we dropped tears and said our goodbyes our goat was tied to the top of our bus. ;). Don't worry,  he made it ok. 

Today was intense and humbling. Over 800 people received something life giving today. Dewormer, mosquito nets, but mostlu hope in Jesus Christ. This community has agreed to allow GlobeServe to build a church in their community and start talking about who this Jesus is. It's truly God who led us here and it's you and your prayers who are sustain us through long days with lots of emotion. We love you all and are grateful.  

Tonight We are in Walewale, Ghana (you can Google search it)

Please pray: for the Sagadugu community,  for our visits to two more communities tomorrow, for our group.

Sending our love from Ghana,
Gary, Heather, Ed, Judy, Jim, Bruce, Shirley, Macy, and Angie
P.S. please forgive any spelling errors, this is all done on a cell phone :)

JUNE 25, 2022 

You all must be praying fervently because today was nothing short of miraculous. Heather led our focus today with a morning devotion on Romans 12:4-8 about how we are all one body in Christ. Just as each part of the body has a different purpose, as we work together we are all part of God's work. We spent time affirming each other on this team, which is truly and humbly amazing. We arrived in our first village to dedicate a second well. 

We were welcomed into the village and invited into the home of Pastor Jacob, who serves in this area. In his home are him and his wife and their four children, his brother and his wife and two children they have adopted. Pastor Jacob works hard to ensure they are all educated well. After visiting his home we headed to the well where we met village elders. Papa Jim offered a few words and Heather dedicated the well to God and to the community. We pumped the water and rejoiced! The village elders showed us their appreciation by giving us two guinea fowl (it's a bird kind of like a turkey). This is a great honor.

We made our way to another village to do nets and dewormer today. As we got to the village we got to visit yet another chief!! He was kind and welcoming, he thanked us for coming. He explained that malaria is a problem among his people that many people get sick and that there is no clinic for hundreds of miles. It made the work we did today feel that much more important. We left the chief and went into the village.  

When we arrived we sang with the community and separated the kids from the adults. We led the kids to a nearby structure so we could provide the dewormer.  Gary figured out a way to do it strategically making it a much easier process than yesterday.  Uncle Ed entertained the kids and Macy passed out coloring sheets and crayons for them to keep occupied while we started giving out dewormer.  Kids were invited one by one to come, get their medicine from Shirley or Mama Juju, then get a cross on their hand with sharpie from Bruce (so we could keep track), then a sucker from Gary. This process worked well and kept order while we dewormed (a new record) 557 kids. There were many times we thought we wouldn't have enough for all the kids. It was truly a loaves and fishes moment as we had only 3 dewormers left at the end. This means over 1000 kids were given lifesaving medicine in just 2 days, unreal. God's blessings abound. 

For the adults, Heather led the malaria education today. They laughed at the skit and we distributed over 230 mosquito nets. These nets will be used for 1-4 people in a hut. The adults also received dewormer and heard a gospel message. After they were done they joined the children and we were not close to done. The community joined in celebration. As we concluded we played with the kids. Shirley sang, Bruce played soccer, Gary had like 50 kids on his lap, Macy was carrying babies, Angie played Frisbee, Heather blew bubbles, Jim talked to village leaders, Judy held kids hands. It was a holy, sacred moment we all will cherish forever. 

As we left the village kids ran next to the bus as long as they could. We waved and smiled. Then we breathed, we took a moment to reflect on God's provision and goodness. 

Then we stopped for ice cream ;). It wasn't fancy. As we headed back to the hotel with happy full hearts and some cognitive dissonance too. It's hard to wrap your head around how much some have and how little others do. It's interesting to think about how those who have so little seem to have more joy and community. What can we learn from Ghana? What can we open our eyes to in our everyday lives?

Tonight we will talk to Pastor Sam, the founder of GlobeServe, about the five year plan for the ministry here and how Calvary can possibly partner in it. 

As we were writing this our driver Stephen came up to us. Earlier in the day we gave him a soccer ball. He mentioned that he had been praying to start a soccer ministry and how he couldn't afford soccer balls. He was so overwhelmed that we gave him two today.  He asked if he could take his picture with us and the soccer balls so he could show the kids he hopes to reach with the gospel. It was truly a day of abundance 

Thank you for your prayers. You are truly part of the Romans 12 body of Christ with us on this journey. It's felt and we are grateful.  Tomorrow we will be heading to worship in a village. This is sure to be a highlight. Please pray for us while we are worshipping and we will pray for you as you as you worship 

Sending our love from Ghana,
Gary, Heather, Ed, Judy, Jim, Bruce, Shirley, Macy, and Angie
P.S. please forgive any spelling errors, this is all done on a cell phone :)

JUNE 26, 2022 

Hey Prayer Warriors (we've met real warriors this week... they're just like you),

Happy Sunday! It was another incredible day. We headed out to the village of Bimbasi of the Mamprusi people. These people are less than 5% Christian. So to visit them and preach the gospel was nothing less than miraculous.  We started by meeting... guess what?!... our fourth chief.  This is so unusual that we were welcomed in this way. This chief is actually the chief chief or the king of the Mamprusi people.  They welcomed us into his palace and we presented him with gifts of rice and fanta.:). He said he was thankful we were caring for his people and then... he said he'd join us for church! Can you imagine a Muslim chief going to church? It was such a statement of support. 

We walked to church outside where GlobeServe had set up a few tents and a speaker system.  Church started with song, dancing, and prayers but you could tell this was new for the people. They weren't sure how to do it. There were over 500 people in church this morning. In an unchurched village. It was humbling.  

After singing, Angie was invited up to give a message. She shared how sometimes in life we need to put away old beliefs in order to grow into new beliefs. Like clothes, how they sometimes don't fit anymore because you have grown.  What are those beliefs that we need to put away? Is it the belief that God only loves some people and not others? Is it the belief that we are unlovable or not enough? Is it the belief that only some people can be in ministry? The fact that a woman pastor was able to preach to this community was truly a gift from God. At the end of the message Angie reminded the village that our job is to reflect God's love and light to the world. Not to be the light but to point to the light. Where can you be the light today?

After church some community members came forward to show the community that they believe in Jesus. Gary was invited to come up and pray with these new believers. It was powerful.  

We gathered an offering for the start of this brand new church and sang some more. Then GlobeServe presented our team with some stoles to thank us for our work here in Ghana. When church was over we passed out some toy cars and kazoos to the children and said our goodbyes.  On our way out of town Pastor Sam was contacted by a local police officer named Abendego who wanted to give us an official escort out of town through the traffic as a way of thanking us for the work we have done in Walewale.  

Tonight we are back in Tamale. We have so much to reflect on and rejoice about. We enjoyed a long dinner with rich reflection and conversation. 

Tomorrow we will head to Mole National Park for some time in nature and on Tuesday a safari. :)

Please pray: for the kids. The kids with disease, little access to education, no access to healthcare and their passionate moms who advocate for them so strongly. Pray for the Mamprusi, that the seeds planted will continue to grow. Pray for GlobeServe Ministries staff for strength for the tough work God has asked them to do.

Sending our love from Ghana,
Mama JuJu, Papa Jim, Supply Sergeant Gary, Uncle Ed, GOAT Heather, Bruce "the Hammer", Mama Shirley, Nurse Macy, and Pastor Angie
P.S. please forgive any spelling errors, this is all done on a cell phone :)

JUNE 27, 2022 

Hey Prayer team,

After the last 8 days of hard work, we spent today in Sabbath rest and reflection. Judy started our morning with a devotion on Isaiah 6:8, saying "Who shall I send? Here I am, send me!" We truly believe that God brought this group together at this time for a Beautiful purpose that we are proud to be a part of. Where is God sending you?

We woke up this morning and headed from our hotel to the Savannah region of Ghana. We stopped and checked out a grocery store and a pharmacy, then drove for a while. 

We arrived at one tourist spot, the oldest mosque south of the Sahara. We were given a tour and learned a lot about our Muslim neighbors. We weren't allowed to enter as non-muslims but it was interesting to see. After that we headed to Mole Park. Mole is a national park here in Ghana. As we pulled in we were greeted by baboons. It was awesome. We spent our afternoon checking out an overlook and looking at 15 elephants in a watering hole. We spent time Journaling and reflecting. At one point Heather was enjoying a fruit juice (in a box) on the terrace and a baboon went right up to her and took it off her table! We were both shocked and laughed hard. After that it opened up in rain. It was a torrential downpour that lasted 2 hours. It's clear why they call this time of the year the rainy season. It rains from April to November and the dry season from November until April. When the dry season comes everything that is green here dries up and the Sands of the Sahara blow over the country. It's a tough time of year for people. 

Tonight we had dinner and played games and laughed a lot as we reflected on what God has done during our time here. We've laughed until we hurt, cried in joy and frustration, and felt the spirit tangibly on our skin. It's an incredible group and we have taken good care of each other. We are grateful God has brought us together.  

Tomorrow morning we wake up early to go on Safari. Ghana has a small area of native animals compared to other African countries. We hope to see elephants, antelope, Baboons, monkeys, warthog and more. There is a pride of lions in Ghana but they are far from where we are and very protected. We are excited for the morning. We can't wait to tell you all about it.

Thanks for all your continued prayers and support.

Please pray: for the communities we visited, for us to be inspired by our time here and apply what we have learned at home, for our families who we left who we miss. 

With grateful hearts,
Macy, Bruce, Ed, Judy, Heather, Jim, Gary, Shirley, and Angie
P.S. please forgive any spelling errors, this is all done on a cell phone :)

JUNE 28, 2022 


Today was an incredible day. We headed out early on a Safari. Imagine this... by 7 a.m. we were on benches on top of Jeeps headed down back roads of Mole National Park. We saw Kob (antlope), monkeys, hornbills, mongoose, Baboons, and warthog. We spent an hour in the park looking for animals before right before our eyes there was a herd of elephants! It was amazing and the closeness we were alloted was unreal. We were within 15 yards of the herd. To watch them care for each other, trumpet their trunks, eat leaves, and play took your breath away. We followed them for an hour and a half. God really did something when he created this world. We are humbled we got to see this part. 

Following our Safari we had breakfast. Uncle Ed shared our devotion for today. He led us to Matthew 25 where Jesus tells his disciples "Whatever you do to the least of these people, you do to me." He encouraged us to think of all we have done these 9 days and to think of how we can continue to think of others in our everyday lives. To see the face of God in all people. 

As we prayed and ate our breakfast a giant bull elephant walked through the courtyard of our hotel to get down a hill to the watering hole. It was intense and amazing. Our breath was held as we witnessed his sheer gentleness and power. 

As we left Mole Park we headed back to Tamale. The women on our trip had dresses made by an incredible seamstress named Emma who teaches at the Vocational school.  She hand made dresses that turned out Beautiful.  Some of us after that had Henna put on by a woman, we will be excited to show you that art. As we ate dinner together tonight we reflected on the highlights of the trip. 

- The kids, their sense of joy and smiles
- God's provision through all of it... making sure we had enough dewormer,  patience, mosquito nets, rest, whatever we needed... God provided
- The Vocational school graduates,  celebrating with them 
-Meeting 4 Chiefs! That was unreal 
- Being able to share the gospel with people who have never heard it
- the comrodery of this group of incredible people coming together to really care for the mission and each other in Christian community 
- the beauty of this country 
- the desire and drive to do more

Tonight is our last night in Ghana. We are sad to leave and excited to tell you the story. Thank you for being on this trip with us through your prayers, they were sustaining and tangibly felt. We can't wait to tell you our stories and to share with you what God is doing in Ghana. We are excited for the future of our GlobeServe partnership. 

Please pray for our upcoming travels. We won't be able to email until we arrive at home. Will send a quick one to let you know that we have. At Calvary we plan to have a story sharing time early this fall to show you our pictures and reflections. :)

Thanks for being part of this amazing team, 
Macy, Bruce, Ed, Judy, Heather, Jim, Gary, Shirley, and Angie
P.S. please forgive any spelling errors, this is all done on a cell phone :)

JUNE 30, 2022 

Hey Prayer Team!

We have arrived back in Minneapolis. (Chicago for Ed) All are safe and tired after 29 hours of travel. Thank you for your prayers and support. We appreciate you all.

Thanks for being part of this amazing team, 
Macy, Bruce, Ed, Judy, Heather, Jim, Gary, Shirley, and Angie