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Do I Belong?


Series: Make Room

Speaker: Pastor Angie Larson

The guests who arrived at the stable on that first Christmas, were a strange bunch. None more odd than the “wise men.”

Honestly, they didn’t belong.

We call them “wise men,” but the actual term for them was magoi.
What’s a magoi?

Good question. Get this: They were an order of astrologers from Babylon and Persia who specialized in interpreting dreams and magic - think tarot cards, crystal balls, reading palms and Ouija boards. No wonder the authors shied away from the particulars and opted for the more neutral “wise men,” or Magi.

They didn’t belong.

Not only that, they were foreigners. They didn’t speak the language, didn’t have the right paperwork, and weren’t even believers.

They just didn’t belong.

Something tells me, you’ve had moments when you’ve wondered: How do I know I belong?

Angie wraps up our series, Make Room, as she talks all about how those wisemen remind us that God makes room for every last one of us, even though we might question whether or not we belong.