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Does anyone really KNOW me?


Series: Press Play

Speaker: Pastor Hans Dahl

We’ve all had the experience of being the “new kid.” You’ve gone to a new school, started a new job, found yourself in a group where you knew no one and no one knew you. We’ve all been in that position where we wished someone knew us. Even though we may have plenty of friends, a loving family, a good marriage - we can wonder: Does anyone really know me?  We hide our thoughts and feelings. We carry secrets. We all have scars and longing and losses that hurt on the inside, while we portray that everything is “fine” on the outside. And, of course, all of this leaves us feeling like a con artist or a fraud - portraying one thing on the outside and while something else goes on inside us. It leaves us wondering: Who really knows me? But here’s the truth of the matter: When we see ourselves the way God sees us we experience the confidence God wants for us. Confidence comes from knowing that someone sees the real you and loves you just as you are.