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Gratitude is more than an Attitude


Series: Give Thanks

Speaker: Pastor Hans Dahl

Have you purchased enough food for all your Thanksgiving guests? I hope so, because – get this – the average American consumes 4,500 calories at Thanksgiving dinner!

Have you mapped out your Black Friday shipping trip? Statistics suggest 61% of you will head to the store for all the sales.

Are you like me, wondering how you will convince your spouse to start Thanksgiving dinner early enough so that the dishes are done before the Vikings game starts?

This is Thanksgiving, isn’t it?

But, long before the food, and the shopping, and all the football… Thanksgiving was about something pretty simple, yet strangely hard. It was about Giving Thanks.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re going to talk about giving thanks and closing the gratitude gap with the people we love the most – because we believe God has something to say about all this!