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How Do We Get Angry like Jesus?


Series: Emotions

Speaker: Pastor Angie Larson

Over the last few years, there’s an emotion that seems to be more prevalent than ever before: Anger.

We’re angry about politics, Covid, the economy, and racial tensions. We're angry at school board meetings and about the lack of help at our favorite restaurant. We're angry that we can’t get what we want when we want it, and especially angry at “those people.”

That’s a lot of anger. This weekend, we’re continuing our worship series called, Emotions. We’re going to wonder what all the anger is really about, and then we’ll consider… How do we get angry like Jesus?

Yup, the prince of peace, Jesus actually got angry, but when Jesus got angry his anger was different. If you or someone you know is struggling with anger, it’s a great week to join us!