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How to deal with those different from me


Series: Make Room

Speaker: Pastor Hans Dahl

Likely, you are making plans to gather with your family for Christmas. And when you get together, there will be…

…your family, and then there will be the in-laws.
…some parents in your family who are strict disciplinarians, while others who prefer “free range” parenting.
…likely, there will be a mixture of big city folk and maybe some “hicks from the sticks.”
…I’m guessing you will have at least one conservative and at least one liberal at Christmas dinner.
…some guests will be thrilled to attend Christmas Eve worship, while others tolerate it.
…and, as always, there will be those relatives. You know, the ones who seem to do everything just a little differently.

Be honest. Our families don’t see eye to eye on everything. So, what will you do this Christmas?

This weekend we’re continuing our Christmas series, Make Room, and we’re going to wonder: What do you do about those people who are different from you?

Believe it or not, the Christmas story has a lot to say about it!