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Is My Life Too Messy for God?


Series: Make Room

Speaker: Pastor Hans Dahl

Is your family story a little messy like mine?
Maybe there’s divorce or alcoholism, tensions with extended family or stresses and strains you’ve been avoiding for years.
I get it. My family story is messy too.

Well, guess what?
The story of the first Christmas is the story of the messiest family we could imagine!

Think about the story we tell. It’s about…
An unmarried teenager gets pregnant in an ultraconservative culture.
Her fiance’s not the father, so he’s ready to divorce her.
She gives birth on the floor of a barn.
The only guests at the birth are degenerate shepherds and three foreigners who don’t speak the language.

The story of the first Christmas was so messy.

So, this weekend we’re continuing our Christmas series, Make Room, and we’re going to wonder: Why was the first Christmas such a mess?

If you have a messy family, this will be a great message for you!. It’s also a great message to share with a friend who thinks their life is far too messy for God.