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Prevention Over Intervention


Series: What's Next?

Speaker: Pastor Hans Dahl

We ignore our health until something’s wrong, then we run to the doctor who says, “You know what you need to do, exercise, eat right, less salt…” But we don’t like that! We don’t want prevention—we want intervention. Think about it in our marriage or parenting as well. When we ignore the fundamentals, we end up at a counselor looking for an intervention.

And guess what? This happens in our giving as well. Many times we give money in response to a felt need or in response to a tragedy—it’s emotional and the results are measurable. That's certainly needed sometimes, but in addition to that, what would it look like to become someone who was not only an intervention giver, but a prevention giver? What if we moved from Giving 1.0 to Giving 2.0?