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The Christmas Story Makes Room For Doubt


Series: Make Room

Speaker: Pastor Angie Larson

It’s time to get ready for Christmas!

It’s time to make your list and check them twice. 
Time to trim the tree and hang the stockings. 
Time for eggnog and ugly Christmas sweaters, Chevy Chase and Christmas Vacation.
Let’s go!

We’re going to get ready for Christmas by looking at the characters in the Christmas story and asking: What are they doing there? 

You see, to the ancient people of the Bible, none of the characters belonged there – not Mary or Joseph, not the shepherds or the wise men. But God chose each of them for a very specific reason:
Each one points to the sort of people God is always making room for.

We’re kicking off our new series, Make Room, by looking at a guy named John. He announced Jesus was coming, yet, at one point, John wasn’t even sure he believed in Jesus! John is in the story because, for God...
The Christmas story makes room for doubt.