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Why should I give?


Series: What's Next?

Speaker: Pastor Angie Larson

There’s only one miracle that is mentioned in all four gospels: The feeding of the 5,000. Clearly this is an important story for Christians to know!

But we often ask, What is the meaning of this miracle? There are plenty of interpretations, but what if this story actually suggests that God wants to partner with us? It's not that God needs anything from us. After all, God is God! But just like those hungry people on the mountainside, your neighbors have needs. Sometimes your church has needs.

Because God loves us so much, our giving helps us to see our abundance, to hold our money with open hands, and to see others with generosity in our heart—just like the boy who gave his small loaves of bread and fish. The miracle is that God invites us into the work that God is doing.