Building Renovation and Expansion Progress


Highlights of fall 2019 work include:
Foundations laid for expansion to the south
Mechanical systems rerouted
Second floor demolition


From here until Easter, we know these two things:
Steel will continue going up, and the expansion will take shape
Upstairs renovations will be complete, resulting in the new staff offices and two new multipurpose rooms


As of December 31, 2019, the monetary and in-kind pledges have resulted in over $4.1 million in commitments to the project. We have received over $1.1 million in gifts so far, and have paid about $950,000 in expenses. We are grateful to the Calvary family for the generosity that allows us to reach this point with no debt! This allows us to save tens of thousands on financing costs.

We are proud to be working with ORB Management, JLG Architects, Innovative Builders, and Bremer Bank